The Days Of My Life

Sand slipping though my fingers

A butterfly just out of reach

A snowflake in its wondrous design

Vanishing in a tear

Words whispered so soft

I am unable to hear

A heart broken more than once

Finds it hard to heal

But still loves ceaselessly

A child’s footprints in the sand

Made level by time

A grubby hand holding mine

Dreams that tell of things to pass

And dreams I had that were lost and dashed

Pain and joy in level measure

Regrets that haunt my waking hours

A song that unearths buried treasure

A poem that brings more pain than pleasure

An electric touch and kiss so deep

A weeping woman who needs to sleep

Bliss that alights on my skin and bones

An encounter that felt like going home

These are the days of your life

These are the days of my life.

by Carol