Poems about our beloved grandson Liam who was taken from us on midsummer's night 2010

Liam Before

You coloured our lives

Tough and bonny

Placid as an angel

As you grew

Lent a wisdom

Beyond your years

Something strong inside

Now you battle with it

The big C

And the chemo

Robs your life force

Stay with us bonny lad

What's our world without you

by Carol

Liam RIP

A seagull's cry on the roof

Echoing the pain of lost souls

Now echoes the pain in our hearts

For the loss of our beautiful one

The solstice

A warm still day

Befits the end

Of our young hero

And tears shed

Become a river in time

Never forget

Never forget

Those days you blessed us with

And the joy you brought us

by Carol

A Poem Written by Liam

The Rain

The crying rain

Shed its tears over the world

Washing away the sadness.

The beaming sun

Hears the pain

And forms a rainbow

Curing unhappiness

Giving hope back to the world

by Liam